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What can change in Windows 7?

This value has many years on Advent O2Micro OZ711EC1M platforms, and some even question their performance, but I used it Advent O2Micro OZ711EC1M long time, and honestly I can not remember the last time I suffered a crash in Windows Explorer. Another edition of the registry that can be done involves adding some new keys, but its usefulness is worth the effort. Windows Updates If you have ever restarted your computer without your consent, then you need this.

Log in to that key, and create another with the name "AU". Finally, assign a setting of 1. This will prevent Windows Update restart your computer when he pleases. The Advent O2Micro OZ711EC1M still has a role in the Windows installations This adjustment can be useful for those who suffered at the hands of sudden restart Windows Update The next step brings us once more to the Windows services. In Windows XP there were many.

In Windows Vista multiplied. And without some added services for drivers and programs Advent O2Micro OZ711EC1M Windows 7 Ultimate can count about services, of which one third are usually activated. Unfortunately, Windows provides documentation about your services is inadequate, and when in doubt about a service, one of the best bets is still a Google search. However, the first stop for those who need to know more about a specific service Advent O2Micro OZ711EC1M be a special section dedicated to services of Windows 7 which is available on the page BlackViper.

[Midnightbsd-cvs] src: pci_vendors: update pci_vendors using the method described

Probably the biggest concern when disabling a service is to know which agency affected. Dependencies are other services they need at a given active service to function. In fact, a lot of services depends on Remote Procedure Call, which obviously means that if you turn off this critical service, send to your Windows installation nonstop to the orbit of Saturn. Advanced optimization services in Windows 7 requires broad knowledge of the hardware installed on your computer, of the critical needs that the computer must be filled, and above all things, a substantial amount of time. Determine what services can be turned off and which should remain running is somewhat cumbersome, but the more streamlined is the list of services will be more satisfying for the user. Do some examples to clear? You can disable several services of a default setting in Windows 7 An important function that we face in terms of performance under Windows 7 is nothing less than Aero.

To function, the Aero desktop requires a specific hardware, which should not Advent O2Micro OZ711EC1M on desktop reverts to basic mode without transparencies and Windows 7.

Hw/xfree86/scanpci/ · cc8acccfe2cfdc49cdf · xorg / xserver · GitLab

Many think that when you have Aero enabled, it takes full effect, but this is not true. You can keep the main Aero transparency, and remove some Advent O2Micro OZ711EC1M to make your system performance, such as fainting, displacement and animations within windows.

You can even disable some special features like the Aero Snap, which resizes the windows are Advent O2Micro OZ711EC1M sideways and into the top of the screen. The strangest part is that this option is located within the mouse settings, located in the Ease of Access section.


There you must place a checkmark in the box that prevents the reorganization of the windows when placed at the edges of the screen. That's all. Aero can be disabled completely, or receive some adjustments The effects can be changed from the system properties, as in Vista Another aspect that may affect the performance of Windows 7 is the power management. At this point we have to give to Windows Vista that opened up a whole new range of possibilities when customizing power management on Advent O2Micro OZ711EC1M computers.

For Windows 7 we can find the same variables, but we can not say that necessarily, the default is best. If the idea is to extract maximum performance from your computer, the "Balanced" is inadequate. Change it to "Maximum Performance" to push a little more to your computer. In laptops, the story is completely different, and just need to give priority to maximum performance when the system is connected to the mains. If energy plans that come by default in Windows 7 seem insufficient, you can create your taking the existing base. The energy savings can make your system run slower Finally, we make a stop on what is considered the biggest bottleneck in current computers: The Advent O2Micro OZ711EC1M drive. Solid state drives units are advancing faster and more accessible, but still the hard drive who prevails in most computers.


Windows 7 has an internal option to disable the write cache purging, resulting in superior performance. However, before a sudden power failure, there is an increased risk of data loss. Personally, I have used this option for a Advent O2Micro OZ711EC1M time, even for Windows Vista, and I have not had any problem so far.

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Well Advent O2Micro OZ711EC1M stealing a little more performance to our records, since our data anyway they are always running a risk the computers are not infallible, and the hardware can be broken sooner or later. I'm not going to put this out perfectly-but I'm curious about several somewhat complex laptop issues. CardBus bridge: O2 Micro, Inc. OZEC1 SmartCardBus Controller (rev 20) Advent with Intel bits. 0xa 0x00c5 "unknown" "LSI Logic AIC U/m SCSI Controller" 0x 0x "yenta_socket" "O2Micro Inc. OZEC1 Advent O2Micro OZ711EC1M Controller" 0xf 0xaca8 "unknown" "ICS Advent PCI-AI/ ADC Card".

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