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We would have at least have liked to Apple iPhone 3Gs some in-ear buds with this iteration, or even some Bluetooth cans something Samsung again does with certain models in its PMP range but that would cannibalise the healthy accessories market Apple has lovingly crafted, so it's hardly a surprise to see the standard fare here again, although we were pleasantly surprised at how well the hands free kit worked on the bundled buds. And Apple is again banking on some customer loyalty in only including a USB lead with wall-plug connector. We know this is Apple's usual game, but we'd reckon a good portion of mobile phone owners have lost their charger in the past and been forced to use the USB lead to charge the handset before buying a new charger, Apple iPhone 3Gs if you lose this one, it's a dead iPhone for a while.

IPhone 3GS review

Clearly Apple is assuming that its customers have many iPhone compatible leads lying around in the same way that Nokia chargers will grow in any draw full of wires so has kept things minimal, and of course saved packaging, and therefore penguins and polar bears, in doing so. Indeed, in comparison to the likes of the Palm Pre and the HTC Magic, Apple is doing the same thing in trying to reduce packaging as it always has done. The iPhone's camera Apple iPhone 3Gs not optimized for fluorescent light. For a full gallery of shots taken with the camera, see our iPhone 3GS camera slideshow. Video recording The iPhone 3GS is the first iPhone to offer video recording, another feature other phones have offered for years. Apple makes up for some lost time by offering an easy-to-use video-editing option right on the phone. The video recorder has a simple interface and you can edit clips right on the display.

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Controls for video shooting work just like the still camera's controls, and you can use the Apple iPhone 3Gs to Focus feature here, as well. The quality is Apple iPhone 3Gs VGA, but the camera shoots at 30 frames per second, so while colors look muted and some videos appear washed out, the iPhone 3GS did better at handling movement than most cell phone cameras. After you're done recording, you can send your clip in an e-mail or upload it directly to your YouTube account. We're checking with Apple on the discrepancy and will report back.

IPhone 3GS review TechRadar

Watch a video of the iPhone 3GS' video quality. The phone's video-editing tool is utterly intuitive and fun to use. After loading a previously shot video, Apple iPhone 3Gs see it displayed frame by frame in a linear format along the top of the touch screen.


Using your finger, you can slide the cursor to any point in the video and start playing from there. If you care to edit, just touch either end of the border that surrounds your video. When the Apple iPhone 3Gs turns yellow, you can shorten the clip by dragging either end toward your desired cutoff point the image on the display will conveniently change as you move along. Once you've made your edits, just Apple iPhone 3Gs the "Trim" control.

We liked the video-editing feature a lot, but it's worth noting a couple of small complaints. First off, when you trim a clip, the edited version replaces your original video, rather than saves it as a new file. Also, you can trim only in a Apple iPhone 3Gs format--meaning you can't cut out something in the middle and stitch the remaining two ends of the video together. We also like a new feature that allows you to quickly open a photo or video that you just shot. After taking your snap or video, a small thumbnail will appear on the bottom of the viewfinder next to the shutter control.

Tapping that thumbnail takes you to the photo gallery page, from where you can view your work or send it on to a friend. Voice Control We've long berated Apple for not including voice dialing on previous iPhones, particularly in this age of hands-free driving laws. Overdue as it is, the new Voice Control feature goes far beyond Apple iPhone 3Gs making calls.

IPhone 3GS - Technical Specifications

To activate it, hold down the home button until the Voice Control feature appears. With the Voice Control feature, you can make calls and control the iPod player. As with hundreds of other cell phones, Voice Control lets you make calls by speaking the contact's Apple iPhone 3Gs or phone number into the receiver. After you say your command, you'll get audio confirmation Apple iPhone 3Gs the name or number will show on the display.

South Korean Carrier Will Start Selling the iPhone 3GS Again - ExtremeTech

If the iPhone makes a mistake, you can press an "undo" touch control at the bottom of the screen. The feature is speaker-independent, so you won't need to train it to recognize your voice; you'll be ready to go the first time you turn on the phone. In our tests, the voice dialing performed well. When using names, it understood us accurately most of the time. It made occasional mistakes--for example, it wanted to call "Siemens" instead of "Stephen"--but that's hardly unusual for a voice dialer. Voice Control performed better when using only numbers.

We didn't have to speak loudly, except in noisy environments, but it was capable of filtering out most background noise. The Bluetooth server on the iPhone 3GS has also been slightly improved adding support for Bluetooth 2. Voice Control was introduced as an exclusive feature of the iPhone 3GS and allows for the controlling of the phone and music features of the phone by Apple iPhone 3Gs. There are two ways to activate Voice Control: VoiceOver is a feature that dictates music details, system menus, text, and other things which was first introduced on the third generation iPod shuffle.

Color inversion reverses the color scheme from black on white to white on black, while Text Zoom allows users Apple iPhone 3Gs zoom into a text on the screen. The reverse of the iPhone 3G left is almost identical to that of the 3GS, except for the latter's reflective silver text which now matches the silver Apple logo, replacing the Apple iPhone 3Gs grey text.


The iPhone 3GS retains the design of the 3G, with a glossy plastic back with tapered edges and metal buttons. Apple iPhone 3GS smartphone. Announced Jun Features ″ TFT display, MP primary camera, 32 Apple iPhone 3Gs storage, MB RAM, Corning Gorilla. Size and weight1. Height: inches ( mm); Width: inches ( mm); Depth: inch ( mm); Weight: ounces ( grams).

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