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This issue has been addressed by improved handling of command line arguments. This issue does not affect Mac OS X Credit to David Remahl of www. Passing a malformed date to the CoreFoundation framework Apple 007Pan cause applications to stall.

Apple MACBOOK PRO Driver, Firmware, Software, and Utility Archive

The parsing of Gregorian dates in the CoreFoundation framework is vulnerable to an algorithmic complexity attack that could result in a denial of service. This update modifies the algorithm to parse all valid dates within a fixed processing time. The CUPS printing service will not print unless it is restarted. When handling multiple, simultaneous, Apple 007Pan jobs Apple 007Pan CUPS printing service can stop printing because it incorrectly tracks open file descriptors. If the service is restarted then printing will resume. This update corrects the handling of multiple, simultaneous print jobs and partial requests. A buffer overflow in Directory Services could lead to remote execution of arbitrary code. A buffer overflow in the handling of authentication can lead to arbitrary code execution by a remote attacker. This update prevents the buffer overflow from occurring.

The privileged tool dsidentity has several security flaws that can result in non-administrative users adding or removing identity user accounts in Directory Services. This update addresses this issue by removing dsidentity and its documentation. Insecure temporary file creation could lead to a local privilege escalation. This update moves the creation of the file to a directory that is not world-writable. This issue does not affect Mac OS X v VoiceOver may read content from secure input fields. Under certain circumstances, secure input fields may be read by VoiceOver services.

This update stops VoiceOver from exposing the content of these fields.


This issue does not affect systems prior to Mac OS X v An authenticated user could execute arbitrary code on the KDC host, compromising a Kerberos realm. A heap buffer overflow in password history handling code could be exploited to execute arbitrary code on a Key Distribution Center KDC. Credit to the MIT Kerberos team for reporting this isue. Their advisory for this vulnerability is located at http: Multiple buffer overflow vulnerabilities could result in denial of service or remote compromise of a KDC. This update upgrades Kerberos for Macintosh to version 5. The Kerberos security advisories for these issues are located at http: Kerberos enabled logins when using LDAP can result in root compromise. Apple 007Pan

When Kerberos authentication is enabled in addition to Apple 007Pan, it was possible to gain access to a root Terminal window. Kerberos authentication has been updated to prevent this situation. Org for reporting this issue. A user can gain access to other logged-in accounts if Fast User Switching is enabled.

An error in the Apple 007Pan of Fast User Switching can allow a local user who knows the password for two accounts to log into a third account without knowing the password. This update corrects the authentication error.


Credit to Sam McCandlish for reporting this issue. When Mail.

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As this network Apple 007Pan is not expected, it may be considered a privacy leak. This update addresses the issue by having Mail. Multiple vulnerabilities in MySQL including arbitrary code execution by remote authenticated users. MySQL is updated to version 4. This does not affect systems running Mac OS X v The MySQL announcement for version 4.

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Multiple Apple 007Pan of service vulnerabilities in OpenSSL. OpenSSL is updated to version 0. The OpenSSL advisory for these issues is located at http: A buffer overflow could result in local privilege escalation and arbitrary code execution. = e27cdd6bcffdbf6f88ad2c0ff4ad0cfaf For explanation of what a SHA-1 digest is, please visit this. Apple 007Pan e1ad5cb2ebbae6b For explanation of what a SHA-1 digest is, please visit this.

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