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How to setup Fast Boot function in BIOS ? Official Support ASUS UK

A fully-charged battery pack provides the Notebook PC a few hours of working power. But the actual figure varies depending on how you use the power saving features, your general work habits, the CPU, system memory size, and the size of the display panel.

Screen captures shown here are examples only and may not reflect what you see in your system. You will be warned when battery power is low. STR requires a small amount of power and Asus X54HY Fast Boot fail and lose data if no power is available due to complete battery depletion or no power supply e.

The battery pack begins to charge as soon as the Notebook PC is connected to Asus X54HY Fast Boot power using the power adapter. Fully charge the battery pack before using it for the first time. A new battery pack must completely charge before the Notebook PC is disconnected from external power.


This prevents the battery from charging frequently. Minimizing the recharge cycles helps prolong battery life. The battery stops charging if the temperature is too high or the battery voltage is too high. DO NOT leave the battery pack Asus X54HY Fast Boot.

Драйвера ASUS X54HY

Asus X54HY Fast Boot battery pack will discharge over time. If not using a battery pack, it must continued to be charged every three months to extend recovery capacity or else it may fail to charge in the future. Restarting or Rebooting After making changes to your operating system, you may be prompted to restart the system. Some installation processes will provide a dialog box to allow restart.


To restart the system manually, choose Restart. Hold the power button 4 seconds. DO NOT use emergency shutdown while data is being written; doing so can result in loss or destruction of your data.

Asus fast boot utility 64 bit drivers download - X 64-bit Download

ACPI power management settings are made through the operating system. The power management features are designed to save as much electricity as possible by putting components into a Asus X54HY Fast Boot power consumption mode as often as possible but also allow full operation on demand. When you resume your work, your last status such as a document scrolled down half way or email typed half way will reappear as if you never left. Shut Down will close all applications and ask if you want to save your work if any are not saved. Because RAM is volatile, it requires power to keep refresh the data. Click the Windows button and the arrowhead Asus X54HY Fast Boot to the lock icon to see this option.

Asus laptop black screen Community

You can also use the keyboard shortcut [Fn Asus X54HY Fast Boot to activate this mode. Recover by pressing any keyboard key except [Fn]. The power indicator will blink in this mode. Hibernate is the same as Suspend-to-Disk STD and stores your current data and status on the hard disk drive.

By doing this, RAM does not have to be periodically refreshed and power consumption is greatly reduced but not completely eliminated because certain wake-up components like LAN needs to remain powered. Hibernate saves more power compared to Sleep Click the Start. Recover by pressing Asus X54HY Fast Boot power button. The power indicator will be OFF in this mode. These power control cannot be configured by the user and should be known in case the Notebook PC should enter these states. The following temperatures represent the chassis temperature not CPU.

The fan turns ON for active cooling when the temperature reaches the safe upper limit. The CPU decreases speed for passive cooling when the temperature exceeds the safe upper limit. The system shut down for critical cooling when temperature exceeds the maximum safe upper limit. Thank You Jun Thank you so much for repairing my phone. This item will post to Ukrainebut the seller hasn't specified postage options. For Windows 8//10, notebook can use Fast Boot function to skip POST and Before you Asus X54HY Fast Boot Fast boot function in BIOS, please check the  Missing: X54HY. Hi to all, during attempt to make a WOL feature works, on bios I've disabled the fast boot and now the boot is fastest, 10 second more with fast  Missing: X54HY.

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